Public Works

The City of Kemah Public Works Department supports the City's infrastructure and keeps the city's parks, roadways, and streets safe, clean, and attractive.


Street Maintenance

Public Works provides the street maintenance within the city, but they only maintain the streets owned by the City.  There are some streets owned by the State or Galveston County as well as some privately owned streets.  While City of Kemah Public Works does provide right-of-way maintenance for the State and County owned streets, they do not fix issues with those street surfaces.  Any problems reported to the City related to these streets will be passed to the appropriate agency.

State Roads

Texas State Highway 146, State Highway 96,  FM 518, and FM 2094 are state owned streets and are maintained by the TExas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).  THE CITY OF KEMAH DOES NOT CONTROL THE TRAFFIC SIGNALS ON THESE HIGHWAYS.  To report signal problems, potholes, traffic concerns, and any other issues, please contact TxDOT directly by calling 713-802-5000.  
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Report a Problem

  1. Use the Citizen Request Tracker to report problems that Public Works needs to address.

Parks and Recreation

Kemah Public Works maintains several parks for your enjoyment.
  • Cien Park
  • Sixth Street Park
  • 57 Acre Park
  • Foster Park

Mosquito Control

Public Works provides mosquito control spraying as needed when weather permits.

Trash Pickup

Public Works trash pickup is done only as part of right-of-way and park maintenance.  Garbage and trash pickup is provided via AmeriWaste. 
AmeriWaste Services in Kemah

Water and Wastewater

Water and Waste Water service providers are listed on Utilities in Kemah