Parks and Recreation

Did you know that Kemah boasts over 60 acres of stunning parkland? Our parks provide a wide range of recreational activities and facilities that cater to both active and passive lifestyles, suitable for both locals and visitors. Whether you prefer small pocket parks with breathtaking views of Galveston Bay or activity-based parks like Cien Park, which features play areas, tennis and basketball courts, and a skate area, there is something for everyone. We also have a 57-acre Park and Nature Area for those who love spending time outdoors. So, come and explore our parks today!

The City of Kemah is updating its Parks and Open Space System Plan. Kemah last adopted a Parks Master Plan in 2009. Now, 14 years later, the city is embarking on a new plan that takes into account the growth and changes experienced in Kemah. This project will assess the current park system, gather valuable input from the community and City staff regarding what is needed and what visions they may have for the park system, and lay out a comprehensive roadmap for implementation for years to come.

Your input is a valuable part of this process. Let us know what you think by participating in our survey. Then, use the interactive map to place your thoughts, ideas, concerns, and excitements about the Kemah park and open space system. Use any of the icons to drag and drop a corresponding comment anywhere on the map. You can provide general comments on the entire park system or specific comments on parks, trails, and open spaces.

Your input here will help shape the project team's understanding of the current park system, and guide the direction of the Parks and Open Space Plan!

Survey and interactive map