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Posted on: January 20, 2022

Chief Jones' 90-180 Day Transition Plan Update – The Stop, Walk, Talk, Listen, and Learn Tour!

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Chief Jones' 90-180 Day Transition Plan Update – The Stop, Walk, Talk, Listen, and Learn Tour!

As Chief of Police, I humbly submit my UPDATE on my 90-180 Day Transition Plan for your inspection and evaluation.

A substantive advantage of utilizing the “Stop, Walk, Talk, Listen, and Learn” philosophy of acclimating oneself to the concerns of our citizens, community, and staff is the one-on-one personal learning directly received from constituents. They can share their issues and concerns with me directly. There is no better source of information than straight from your constituents.

The delineated goals and objectives not only will enhance my ability to assess the quality of the rendition of public safety services currently being rendered; but also provide critical information necessary to create a sound platform of leadership, transparency, accountability, and management of the police department thus paving the way to the professionally robust and efficient transition of executive police leadership, decision-making, and community relationship building.

The position of Police Chief of the City of Kemah is both challenging and rewarding, which emphasizes the efficient transition of executive leadership. This is especially true when the protection, health, welfare, and safety of our citizens and community are paramount. My intended goals, objectives, and those strategies necessary to achieve them are delineated in my 90-180 Day Transition Plan. I developed this plan to afford me the opportunity to accomplish 10 specific goals within the first 90-180 days of my tenure, as your Police Chief.

Goal 1. Meet with my direct supervisor, the City of Kemah PD staff face-to-face, residents, City of Kemah Leadership, and other staff, while collecting as much information as possible about the type of police operations and police services historically rendered, and ongoing desired services from the community and the informal and formal community leaders.

Goal 2. To develop and cultivate collaborative partnerships, early in my tenure, attend community meetings and utilize my “Stop, Walk, Talk, Listen, and Learn” community-oriented policing philosophy augmented with quarterly “meet and greet” opportunities.

Goal 3. Assess the current administrative needs, current leadership, supervision, develop an interim organizational chart, and start the process of filling critical staff and leadership vacant positions, if necessary.

Goal 4. Evaluate and assess all departmental policies, procedures, rules, and regulations; then take immediate actions to secure compliance to statutory/procedural best practices via the successful pursuit of accreditations, and then appoint an Accreditation Manager while providing public access to our Policy Manual.

Goal 5. Evaluate City of Kemah PD’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (S.W.O.T.) to develop strategies to build on said strengths/opportunities, while addressing weaknesses/threats, and to conduct Crime Prevention Surveys.

Goal 6. Determine City of Kemah Police Department’s alignment with the 6 Pillars of 21st Century Policing.

Goal 7. Implement a “Talent Acquisition Strategy” that is specifically designed to recruit talented personnel and to identify and acquire critical resources like innovative technology, contemporary (internal/external) training, alternative funding sources, while ensuring continuous communication with all of City of Kemah’s staff and community.

Goal 8. Identify and review all city-wide emergency preparedness plans and identify the role of the City of Kemah PD’s personnel in each plan, integrate all emergency preparedness plans into one comprehensive emergency response plan; and determine the availability of emergency response equipment, training, and other related emergency management protocols (including Information Technology).

Goal 9. Establish and maintain effective collaborative relationships with law enforcement officials from surrounding Cities, Precincts, School Districts, Colleges/Universities, and negotiating “Memorandums of Understanding”.

Goal 10. Utilize collaborative leadership and results-based management to create an environment that is conducive to achieving the mission, vision, and core values of the City of Kemah.


Chief Holland D. Jones

Chief Holland D. Jones, JD, Ph.D.

 LEMIT - Leadership Command College (LCC) Class #76

City of Kemah Police Department

The complete 180 Day Transition Plan Update can be viewed here.

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