Apply for HOT Event Funding


The City of Kemah has released the 2021-2022 HOT Funding Application packet. Please note that the packet also includes a Special Event Safety Plan document that is required to be submitted with the HOT funding application. This document will assist you in coordinating safety plans with the Kemah Police, Fire, and EMS departments. Please also note that if you received funds last year, a Post-Event Form must have been submitted before applying for new funding.

It is with great pride that the City of Kemah engages with prospective applicants to provide our community with rich cultural and entertainment projects and events. We would like to fund all applications, however funding is limited and the process is competitive. There are stringent requirements in the Tax Code regulating the use of HOT funds. Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Funds must be used to promote lodging accommodations and overnight stays in Kemah. Requirements are outlined in the application form. City Staff are available to answer questions at 281-334-1611.

The HOT Funding Application for fiscal year 2021-2022 and the required Special Event Safety Plan are available via the links below. 

Completed applications should be sent to:
City of Kemah
Attn: HOT Funds Application
1401 Hwy 146
Kemah, Tx. 77565

Required Application Forms